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We value your support and commitment to our community!



As Covid-19 has changed the way we are able to help one another out, we, the PSO would like to be a place of resource.  We have learned that several families have 2 working parents, no family and no care for their young children.  With that we have researched local care centers and would like to offer these as a resource to you.  **PLEASE NOTE: We are not recommending these places to you, we are simply trying to help by doing the leg work for you and finding open facilities for you to further research.  


 - Children’s Center of Stone Oak: 18858 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258; (210) 403-0700

 - Kid Space Drop in Child Care: 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy Suite #307, San Antonio, TX 78258; (210) 545-7722

 - Bright Kids Daycare Center: 4230 Clearspring Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217; (210) 655-9225


Parent Advisory Committee

Did you know that last year GHNO created a parent advisory committee.  This committee is separate from the PSO and not affiliated in anyway, however we want you to know who you can go to with comments, questions, concerns and feedback.  Our administration loves to hear from us, but these parents have stepped into the role of organized feedback. 

Please feel free to contact them in regards to any GHNO related things (both positive and negative, we all love the positive feedback too) 


Mr Hanson:

Mr. Planchet:

Mrs. Lacy:

Mrs. Kay:

Mr. Warshak:

Mr. Blain:

Mr. Thompson:


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at this time.

We hope that you and your family are doing well and are safe and healthy.  If there is anything we can assist you with, please send us an email.

We miss you all very much. 



The PSO is a wonderful opportunity to get more involved with the school.  Our title, PSO is Parent SERVICE organization. Our number one role is to serve the faculty and staff.  We realize that not everyone can come into the building due to work or littles at home and we fully respect that as many of us have been there too. Please look at the numerous ways you can serve where you are. We have both on campus and at home volunteer opportunities at this time. 
Thank you for you joining us when and where you can!

  • Lunchroom - come in, see your kids at lunch, wipe down some tables, get to know other moms, help kids open lunches. 

  • Copy Room - come in weekly or biweekly and help teachers by fulfilling copy jobs, laminating, cutting, stapling... whatever it is they need to help the students find the greatest success throughout the week.

  • Teachers and Tapas Organizer (at home job)  We need someone to help coordinate the last 5 teacher and tapas.  Once a month we provide a fun afternoon snack for the faculty and staff to enjoy before their half day trainings. You do not need to come into the school for this, just organize the volunteers. 

  • Fiestaval- it's that time... we need volunteers to help organize fiestaval and activities.

If you are available to hep or interested in more information please use the contact us link below.  and THANK YOU! 

I am a firm believer - many hands make light work! 

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Spirit Store


Please head over to the Spirit store for all your and your scholar's GHNO spirit gear.


Lost and Found

We have some wonderful Volunteers who will be helping with the lost and found.  Every two weeks they will go through, sort and try to help labeled items find their owner.  


On the LAST FRIDAY of every month we will be rolling out both upper and lower school lost and found to the East lot. 

On this day, parents are welcome to park and come look through the lost and found. 

At the end of the day, the lost and found will be donated to our clothing store or to Goodwill.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the school calendar?

The most current and updated school calendar can always be found on the school website

What are the cell phone use rules?

We as parents should always strive to meet the expectations of the school as much as we ask our children to.  Please see page 85 of the school handbook in reference to cell phone use. These policies are for students, faculty, staff, volunteers and parents. They are for the safety and respect of everyone at GHNO. Many families do not want their children photographed or posted on social media. We follow the rules in accordance with school virtues of honesty, integrity and compassion for others.

How can I learn more about volunteer opportunities?

Simply use the "contact us" section below and let us know you are interested in learning more. A member of our PSO leadership team will be in touch shortly.

Can I bring my children with me when I volunteer?

Sadly, no.  Children who are not enrolled at the school are a liability.  If anything happened to them the school would be liable.  Also, if you bring a child with you then your focus is divided. 

Please know that we all as parents go through seasons of life.  Some seasons we get to serve and some seasons we are served. 

If you have young children, we can work with you to help you find volunteer opportunities from home.

 We love your servants heart and look forward to working with you.

What should I wear when I volunteer?

Please dress "appropriately" for a school setting.  We kindly ask that you do not wear low cut shirts, crop tops and preferably no workout clothes when serving at the school.  We as parents should stay in line with the mission and guidelines of the school at all times, even in our attire.

How do I volunteer?

All volunteers must complete a criminal background check at least one week prior to volunteering in any capacity (even field trips).  

Along with the criminal background check we ask all volunteers to complete the volunteer training as well as sign and turn in the Volunteer confidentiality agreement prior to volunteering. 

Once those two things are done, please reach out to the PSO leadership using the contact us form below or simple stop us when you see us to chat. 

When is Spirit day? What can they wear?

Spirit days fall on the last Friday of the month for the Lower School Students.  Students can wear a spirit shirt from our spirit store with their uniform bottoms or their field day shirt since it represents their house. The other option is to simply come in their school uniform.



The planning for Fiestaval is right around the corner!

Fiestaval is a fiesta themed carnival style event put on by the parents of GHNO and will be held on April 4th.

We are so grateful for the returning Fiestaval committee members and those who have already expressed an interest in helping with this event.  We invite them and newly interested parties, to come to a meeting after drop off on Wednesday January 15th at 8am.

If you can't make the meeting but would still like to be involved in these early stages, please contact Amy Elkins


Contact Us

17223 Jones Maltsberger Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78247


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